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Choosing the Right Tax Preparation Company

How to Compare Tax Preparation Companies

Searching online for a tax preparation company can swiftly become a daunting task. The firms are so numerous that making your decision can become harder in the face of information overload.

How can you work out which one is right for you? Swanky websites and promises to deliver superb results at reasonable prices are all very well, but you need to peel back the layers to identify the best tax partner for you.

As a non-accountant, you may not know which factors are important and which are just window-dressing (we face the same set of problems when picking doctors, lawyers or other professionals in the fields where we are not experts).

To help you decide, we have compiled a series of questions that you should ask of firms who are potential candidates, together with our answers.

We prepared the following list of questions

you should ask the firms you are considering - and our answers to them.