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Our Process

Taxes done in 5 easy steps


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It’s good to chat, so let’s kick things off with a free, 30-minute free introductory phone consultation. As believers in the old saying, ‘talk is cheap,’ all we ask is a $50 retainer towards your tax preparation fees.

Our tax questionnaire is organized, simple to use and interactive. It’s a superior ‘smart form’ that works in both your browser and mobile phone, and is the state-of-the-art alternative to outdated PDF or Word documents.

As soon as we receive your documents, we’ll analyze your case and draft an electronic engagement letter (EL). This transparency makes you 100% aware of the job scope and total cost before we get started.

Our standard turnaround time is fifteen (15) business days from you signing the EL.

If you have an urgent case, then please let us know so we can fast-track you.

Once your tax return is ready, we’ll upload it to your secure portal and that’s when your payment becomes due. Once you confirm that you are happy with your return, we will e-file it on your behalf. In certain cases, the IRS does not allow e-filing and if that applies to you then we will provide instructions on how you can mail it to the IRS.