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Check my tax return

Expert check that your return was prepared correctly

Check my expatriate tax return

Find out if your expat tax return was prepared correctly

If you did not use TFX to prepare your tax return, you may have done it incorrectly. To check your work, you can submit the last 3 years of tax returns for an expert review. We can uncover errors made by others and find opportunities to reduce your tax bill that others may miss.

What TFX experts do

  • Check your tax returns for accuracy and completeness
  • Make sure that you claimed all possible credits and deductions
  • Examine that the required forms are filled out correctly

With the TFX tax check service you will receive:

A professional review of your tax return by an expert - whether the original tax return is correct or not
An explanation of potential consequences if any errors are found
Advice on whether an amended return is recommended and the refund justifies the cost of the amendment

Cost of service — $250*

* would be applied towards the cost of preparing an amended return if errors are found.

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Tax review covers all forms included in the individual tax return Form 1040 for one year. Forms 2555 and 1116 are also subject to the review process.

This service does not cover financial reporting (Form 1040NR is not included) and non-personal returns (business, trust, partnership, etc.).

What happens if you don't file taxes correctly?

What happens if you don't file taxes correctly?

The first thing you should realize is that the government sees the IRS as a profit center - they are there to extract the maximum possible amount from every taxpayer. They will use every tool and trick at their disposal to accomplish that goal.

For example - if you miscalculate and pay too much (by not using all available exclusions and deductions) the government will happily keep the money and will never tell you. On the other hand, if you make a procedural mistake and improperly fill out a form (we're not even talking about an actual tax underpayment) the IRS will annul your deductions, add fees/interest on your return, and demand that you pay extra taxes.

Therefore it is equally dangerous to fall on either side of filing a 100% correct tax return.

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