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Phone consultation

Are you looking for online tax advice?
Choose one of the three types of phone consultations and chat with a tax expert.

Phone consultation with a CPA Tax Planning Consultation

How to get free tax advice by phone?

The free intro phone consultation is an opportunity to discuss what method of filing will be best for your situation, to get instructions for completion of our Tax Questionnaire, what basic documents may be needed, as well as turnaround time. If you’re new to TFX and plan to have us prepare your tax return, this is a good place to get free phone tax advice.

Schedule a free tax consultation

Talk to our tax expert before we start working on your case (up to 30 minutes). While this service is free, we’ll ask you to pay a $50 retainer towards your tax preparation fees.

More support options

  1. Visit our webinars or watch recorded versions.
  2. You can call us directly on +1 (267)TFXTAX-7.
  3. You can call free online.
  4. Email us at support@tfx.tax to set up a call at a convenient time.

Need a tax planning consultant?

If you need to talk with a tax professional about complicated tax planning use the Tax planning service service.

Phone consultation with a CPA

If you want to speak to a tax professional while working with us you can schedule a 30-minute paid consultation with one of our experts.


Phone call for up to 30 minutes with a CPA $150

How to talk to a tax professional?

1. Log in to your TFX account.
2. Contact your Tax Preparer by email or using our Message system to agree on time for a consultation.
3. Choose Phone Consult from the sidebar.
4. Select CPA Phone Consultation.
5. Choose an available time slot that works for you.

When you need tax advisor consultation?

If you have specific questions about your tax return preparation and want to discuss them over the phone instead of email (chat with tax advisor online for free), we offer a CPA phone consultation service at an affordable cost.

Tax planning consultation

Our tax planning consultant can help you minimize your tax liability and get your finances in order.


30-minute phone call on tax planning $250
Optional follow-up quantitative scenario analysis (price per hour) $200

How to talk to a tax planning consultant?

1. Create an account in the TFX system.
2. Choose Phone Consult from the sidebar.
3. Select Tax Planning.
4. Choose an available time slot that works for you.
5. Submit a brief overview of your situation and a list of topics/questions that you would like to discuss.

After that a tax planning consultant may request additional details. You’ll be notified in advance if your case is outside the area of our expertise, or requires additional analysis.

Sample Cases

Personal Tax Planning Business Tax Planning

I am considering an investment in a non-US mutual fund; is there anything I should be aware of so that my investment can be as profitable as possible?

I’ve started doing business in multiple states. How will taxes work? Does it matter where I incorporate my business?

I’m going to sell my rental property. Is there anything I can do to reduce my taxable income for the year? Should I take the income as one lump sum?

I was offered a job in another state. I don’t want to move. Will I have to pay double taxes if I accept the offer? Is it possible to offset the taxes paid to the other state?

I work in the gig economy and often get tips. Are they taxable income? How should I handle tip income? Is it also subject to Social Security and Medicare tax withholding?

I am a 100% owner of a foreign Corporation with gross revenues of about $300,000. How do I determine whether to take the Housing Exclusion or Deduction? How much in wages would I need to pay myself and/or my wife to realize the full benefit?