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The TFX story began in the early 2000s. Starting as a niche tax firm focused on US expats residing abroad, TFX provided an outstanding experience and peace of mind to tens of thousands of Americans in other countries. Over the years, many of our clients returned to the US and wanted to continue relying on us for their business and personal taxes.

TFX now caters to all with a US tax filing requirement, both at home and overseas. We offer high-quality and personable tax planning, advice, and compliance services to self-employed, corporations, partnerships, and trusts – businesses subject to the US tax system, regardless of location.

Our mission

Accurate tax filing is one of the foundation bricks of your business.
While your product, your customers, and your team are the cornerstones.

TFX takes care of your business taxes so that you can focus on what matters most.

TFX TAX - Our mission
Professional TFX tax experts

Professional tax experts

Over 80 experienced CPAs, EAs, and JDs make up our team.
Whatever your area of business or tax situation, we are here to help you.

Reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly tax professionals handle our clients’ cases from start to finish. We do not rely on tax support bots, outsource, or work with middlemen.


Accredited EA, a wise leader, wife and mother, Ines Zemelman is the Founder and President of TFX.

With over 30 years of experience in US Business
and International & Expatriate Taxation, Ines Zemelman brings her expertise to provide best-in-class service to TFX customers.

Ines Zemelman TFX Tax

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