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Flow-through entities

Forms 1120-S or 1065 and federal return

  • $300 for each US state return
  • Three Schedules K-1 are included


Forms 1120 or 1120-F

  • $300 for each US state return


Businesses with complex tax situations

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Our professional CPAs are highly experienced in business taxes and ready to take on your complex case.
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Why work with TFX?

Personable tax service

+80 accredited and experienced CPAs, EAs and JDs take the reins of your case. Always on standby to help you.

Exceptional accuracy

Our supervisory team rigorously verifies each form, ensuring your tax documents are 100% accurate.

Smooth filing experience

User-friendly tax questionnaires and seamless communication. With TFX, the filing process is simple.

Top-rated tax preparation firm for small businesses

TFX customers appreciate our high-quality work, expertise explained in plain language, and outstanding customer experience. Working with our team of experts, you will always feel at ease.

50,000+ customers
  • These people are truly professional.

    The accountant managed to get me a tax refund exceeding the fees I paid for the service! The final declaration was peer-reviewed by other accountants as part of the package, so I have confidence in the accuracy of the return I filed.

    David Charles Wright view on Google

  • TFX saved the day for me again this year.

    It is so very easy dealing with them, as they answer emails asap, make queries on anything I've missed, and in general, make me feel all around that I am in very competent hands.

    Marlene Torres-Skoumal view on Trustpilot

  • Absolute speed and accuracy!

    When I submitted my taxation data to TFX, I expected it to take normal time for processing. I was totally surprised when they contacted me telling me "It's done." I thought maybe I should check it further, but it was all correct and accurate with all that speed.

    Carl Emmanuel view on Trustpilot

  • TFX is awesome – a peace of mind saver.

    Working with my tax CPA went above and beyond on her part and I feel very relieved that the previous tax year is completed. They will definitely have my business again next year.

    Christine Kerner view on Trustpilot

  • I've been using TFX for years.

    I keep going back because it's super easy, super professional and makes tax less...taxing.

    Heather Gustin view on Trustpilot

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Your hassle-free tax filing is our business

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Your hassle-free tax filing is our business

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