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Company entity types for small business

The type of your business entity determines the tax rules you must adhere to. These are the most frequently used forms of business entities for small enterprises in the United States.

  1. One owner.
  2. You need to report your business income on your personal tax return. In addition, you must pay any applicable self-employment taxes.
  3. Independent contractors, freelancers, and other solo professionals.
  1. One shareholder or more
    - C corporation
    - S corporation
  2. C corporations file their own tax return and pay taxes on their income, while an S corporation is a pass-through type of entity.
  3. Companies with complex ownership needs, franchise, and family-owned businesses.
  1. Two partners or more:
    - General Partnership (GP)
    - Limited Partnership (LP)
    - Limited Liability
    - Partnership (LLP)
  2. Partnerships don't file separate tax returns. However, as a partner, you must report your portion of the company's income on your personal tax returns.
  3. Small businesses with two or more owners who want to share responsibilities.
  1. One owner or more:
    - single-member LLC
    - multi-member LLC
  2. The LLC combines the benefits of ownership with the personal protection that a corporation offers. You can choose to file taxes as a corporation or a pass-through business entity.
  3. Small business owners who are seeking personal liability protection.

Choose the best business
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The best business structure for a small business is the one that supports your growth and increases your profit.
Talk to TFX tax professionals to select an optimal entity type for setting up or restructuring your business.

What is included?

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  • discussion of your situation and goals
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